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Below are a list of teacher emails. Please click on the name or type in the email address.



Lauren Mitchell -

Tamara Odom -

Sonia Pearson -

Abbey Rowe -


1st Grade

Alyssa Miller  -

Ashley Goodman -

Janet McLelland -

Deidra Simms -

Jewel Warren -


2nd Grade

Tammy Marlowe

Elaine Norton

Lisa Orr

Kim Brown

Jewel Warren -


3rd Grade

Melissa Gragg-

Mike Daigler-

Chelsea Campbell-

Dixie Caskaddon-


4th Grade

Carolyn Hart-

Kelly Kunf-

Nicole Scoggins-

Sharon Poindexter-


5th Grade

Emily Fox-

Melanie Braswell-

Terry Frantz-

Lynn Looper-